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I start off my posts about Greece (one of my most favourite countries) with the port city Thessaloniki. There is no way for one not to fall in love with Greece’s second biggest city, which has been a crossroad of civilizations since ancient times. Its picturesque streets, historic sights, gastronomy, romantic sunsets, and even a small bit of chaos have me say ‘I never want to leave this place!’.

The cafes around the pier are always filled with people (I had a really hard time to find an empty table) and the streets are full of life. Greece in crisis? It’s hard to believe after having observed the whole action and vibe around Thessaloniki’s lovely sights. And its people seem happy too. I find them very hospitable and encouraging when I try to speak Greek.

The city’s name Thessaloniki (Thessalos and Niki) literally translates to “Thessalian victory”. It takes its name from the sister of Alexander the Great. The city’s layout changed after a devastating fire destroying its historic center in 1917 to become the modern European city it is today. The most famous sight is the White Tower.


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