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I know it is still December but I am already starting to think of where I want to spend my summer vacation. I miss the sunny beaches soooo much! I even started taking vitamin D. Seriously, I pretty much see the sunshine only on TV. So while thinking of all this, I thought I’ll show you the place where I’ve been spending some time during the last couple of summers. It is not the most popular destination but for me it was love from first sight.

If you know me, you’d know that I love Greece. I like the food, the people, the islands, the beaches…just the way I feel when I’m there. It feels like home. I even started learning the language. A year cannot go by without going back a few times. Sooo…this is not the only post you’ll get about Greece.

Today I take you to Parga. It is a small town, a village even, on the West coast of Greece. Parga may be small but it does have a castle (watch your step as the stones to the castle are quite slippery although, I assure you, the view is well worth it), two beaches and plenty of amazing restaurants. Parga has been under Venetian and Ottoman rule. You can easily notice the Venetian influence today. It does feel a bit like Italy.


I prefer Valtos beach. It is the longest one, just under the castle of Parga. There is sand on one side and pebbles on the other.

Krioneri beach is the main beach of Parga, just a short distance away from the centre.

I highly recommend taking a boat to some of the Ionian islands. There are trips every day during the summer. You can take a boat from the harbour but make sure you book in advance. You can also drive to other nearby beaches. I’ll make another post about the ones I went to.

Enough talking! Check out the pictures : )










  1. kandriot1 says

    Ironically, I had never wanted to really travel to Greece; of course that all changed when I saw how pretty it was. It looks like such a neat place.


    • Of course, just like anywhere else, it depends where you go. For example, not all beaches are as nice but there are thousands of beautiful ones around the country, from small secluded beaches to larger and busier. There really is something for everyone.

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