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As this year is coming to an end, some of us are starting to think of resolutions. We rush in with grand plans, neatly writing them all down, sticking notes as reminders – you name it.

The days go by and most of us start to feel discouraged and it becomes harder and harder to keep up with our goals. One by one, sudden events in our lives slow us down and we become discouraged in the challenge to reach the desired outcome. We need to work longer hours or have to take care of more things than expected.

Where does this end?
We must realize that there are always going to be setbacks along the way. We succeed by overcoming those obstacles. People often blame someone else for their situation. This never leads to positive results.

Of course, setting practical goals is crucial, goals that are realistic, and sticking to them when it gets tough. But this is only one part of it. We should try to understand our setbacks and think of what we can change to make things better. If we can pass through this stage we can be even more determined to reach our goals. It is important that we develop a mindset that helps us in being more resilient. Life is full of setbacks and we better learn how to make sense of them. Those that can quickly get back on track are the ones that have a greater chance of being successful. I even think that this philosophy can help in tackling all kinds of problems that we face. Success doesn’t come without trying.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Thanks for sharing!

x Adriana


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