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With my future posts I will try to focus more on showing you some hidden gems in the Balkans, as I believe, they deserve a lot more attention than currently attracted. I hope that you will agree with me.

Today I take you to the Devetashka cave, situated in a beautiful mountainous region in Bulgaria.

You have probably seen The Expendables 2, but do you know that the movie was shot in this beautiful location? Not only the bats in the cave were disturbed by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, so were the environmentalists. There was even a court ruling, which found some of the filmed scenes to be in breach of environmental regulations (as a jurist, I had to mention this part especially:)).

However, this impressive cave has been inhabited thousands of years before Hollywood discovered it. It impressed me with its walls and ceiling from which you can see the sky. The cave is incredibly beautiful when the sun shines through its openings with reflections in the water beneath.


If you ever get a chance to go (and I really hope you will), you can combine the visit to the cave with several other places worth a visit: more caves and Lovech – a town with charming historical center and a covered bridge crossing the river that flows through the town. This can all be done in just a day!

xx Adriana





  1. So beautiful, Adriana! I would really love to visit Bulgaria and the surrounding area for the reason you mentioned, that it seems mostly undiscovered still. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I have visited Sueva Dupka near Brestnitza, but never Devetashka. Hopefully we will be in Bulgaria this summer and I will definitely try to make it there.


    • I’ve been there as well. They are very different. I just read about your story on your blog. Glad to see a non-native Bulgarian ambassador for our country on here 🙂

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