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I moved out when I was 17. Until then I have always lived with my parents. As scary as it was, I was excited to think that it was a new beginning, a new challenge, all part of growing up. I was not only moving to a new city, I changed continents. It was an adventure.

Even though I very much enjoy the company of other people and I’ve always been outgoing, spending time alone recharges me and makes a huge difference. I will share with you some of the things that happen when you live alone.

  1. You are the queen of the castle.This means you get to set the rules! Nobody complains how you do things, so you live as you like. Pure luxury!
  2. The remote control is all yours, all day, everyday.For me this means I get to watch all the TV shows I want and as many comedies as I like.
  3. Getting dressed becomes optional.Hello freedom! I love you. The longer you live alone, the more random things you have done without your pants on.
  4. Drinking alone is something you get used to and start enjoying.I became a wine expert. Sometimes I would cook a nice meal, arrange the table as if I am expecting guests, pour myself a glass of something and enjoy life.
  5. You will talk to yourself.Maybe more often than you probably should. Well, I did have an excuse for this one, kind of. I had a parrot and we had ‘conversations’ every now and then.
  6. You can dance alone all you want and listen to music that none of your friends like.Whatever it is that you like – bring it on! No judging.
  7. When you are out of food it is either you or the delivery guy.I’m not a big fan of delivering services. I do try to live a healthy life, so I finally learned how to cook! And again on the positive side – you never run out of room in the fridge.
  8. You can only blame yourself when the dishes are still in the sink or your clothes are not washed.Expect to learn this lesson sometime in your first week of solo life.
  9. Independence.Living alone teaches you a lot about being independent and coping on your own. Although it can be a challenge at times, you learn valuable survival skills.
  10. You get to arrange your house to suit yourself.I take decorating very seriously.
  11. Nobody is there to kill the spider.This moment of helplessness eventually comes. My neighbours probably think I’m a bit crazy after all the screams…

What do you prefer – being surrounded by people or living on your own?

Thanks for sharing!


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