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Today I take you to sunny Fuerteventura! It is the second largest of the Canary Islands located off the coasts of Africa.






Beaches & Day Trips  

You can enjoy the island all year-round, in Fuerteventura the summer never ends. It has some of the best and longest beaches of all the Canary Islands.

Around Corralejo are located some of the best sand beaches I have ever seen! Whether you wish to hit the waves or just watch the surfers, the place is a real gem! The region is part of a Natural Park with beautiful dunes blending in with the turquoise water. From Corralejo you can take a bus or taxi (it is not expensive) to Grandes Playas. It is only a short ride away. You have to go there! If you get a chance, go before the sunset and walk on the dunes.

Jandia & Morro Jable
I went on a day trip down South to Morro Jable. I strongly recommend it! Morro Jable has an incredible beach, however, the best beaches for surfers are just before you get to Morro Jable, around Costa Calma/Jandia.

Playa de Sotavento, Playa Risco del Paso & Playa Barca
Absolute heaven for surfers! The island has enjoyed a great reputation among windsurfers and kitesurfers. There are many surf clubs around Fuerteventura, so if you want to learn this is your chance!

El Cotillo
You can reach this fisherman town by car from Corralejo (about 20 km away). It is the perfect place to wander around for a few hours. I was lucky to be there just before the sunset and stayed for dinner. Such a magical atmosphere with the sun setting and all the fishermen sailing away in the blue sea! I found a little bit of heaven! There is also a great beach for surfers in the area.




Drinking & Dining

If you love Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine as much as I do, you will love everything that Fuerteventura’s restaurants can offer. I focused on the fish dishes and a day did not go by without (at least) a glass of sangria.

Agua Bar
Lovely cocktail bar located right on the beachfront of Corralejo with a stunning view in front of you. The cocktails look amazing but taste even better! The biggest cocktails I have ever drank!

A Cuban bar/restaurant I very much enjoyed. It is also on the beachfront. Almost every night they had live music. Pretty cool!

La Playita
Another restaurant with a beach view. I loved the tapas and the red wine sangria is very refreshing. You can also choose from different kinds of fish that are on display. The real winner here was the octopus! The only downside was that after dinner I did find it somewhat difficult to walk back to the hotel due to the extra 1-2 kilos 🙂


– If you want to explore the island definitely rent a car! In a day you can get to any point on the map you wish.

– Just a reminder – always bring sunscreen! It is an island, so it can be very windy and you will be surprised how fast the sun can damage your skin.

– Take as many day trips as possible. Incredible people, beautiful beaches and picturesque towns!

– I had no problem with finding a table in the restaurants but if you go during the peak season, you may want to check if the restaurant of your choice accepts reservations

– If you stay in Corralejo and prefer to be around all the bars and shops, choose your hotel close to the centre as some are a bit further away.




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