Month: February 2016


I love going through my photos and instantly returning to those places, the moments, the vibes, the thrill of it all. Pictures bring me back to the good feelings that I felt, the people I was with, and the things that I saw. These images truly depict the spirit of my weekend, dancing all my worries away, being lost in a state of trance. Do you go to any festivals? Advertisements


With our busy schedules, it is difficult to get home every day, pour a glass of nice wine, lie on the couch under a warm blanked and unwind. For me at least, this is rarely ever the case. There are always tons of other things to do just before that and those things usually take up pretty much my whole evening. I would really love to be able to cuddle up and just relax more often. So what makes you feel cozy at home and wanting to return to it every day? Comfy couch, nice bed, candles? What makes your home feel pleasant? Please tell me : )


I am happy to share with you my current beauty favourites. Took a while to find the essentials that are perfect for me but here they are! 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette by Christian Dior I am a huge Dior fan! This is my third Dior palette. It has very nice soft colours, ideal for the day and also a bit of gold and silver sparkle for a glam look. These have a very nice texture and are super easy to apply. Eyeliner pencil by Christian Dior  No surprise why I also picked a Dior pencil. I prefer using a black one. Le volume de Chanel This mascara gives awesome volume, length, separation and curl to my lashes. I have natural long lashes and it works well for me. The packaging is also sleek and elegant. Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills I cannot tell you how happy I am for finding this product! A little of it goes a long way and it is very easy to use. It lasts until I take it off and this …


The CEO and founder of Rituals Cosmetics, Raymond Cloosterman started his brand with the mission: transforming everyday routines into special moments, appreciating the simple pleasures in life. The result is luxury but yet affordable home and body care products, inspired by ancient Eastern traditions. I have already tried several Rituals products and they never disappoint. The products are also great for relaxation. I like the brand even more after finding out that it all started here in The Netherlands. Among my favourites are the Rituals body creams. I very much like Magic Touch – Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk. It has a nice scent and leaves my skin super soft and nourished. Have you tried any Rituals products? Do you have a favourite?


A recent conversation that I had got me thinking – it is so easy to get caught up in routine, work, and deadlines that our lives become boring and monotonous. Whenever I try to see someone just for coffee, it usually happens at least a week or two after we’ve talked. But can we escape habit for a little and be more spontaneous? I need adventure and sparkle in my life – be it taking a last minute trip somewhere warm or exploring a new part of the city. My curiosity and hunger for adventure never leaves me. I think we all need to take the time to try new things, things that excite us and make us feel alive. Are you spontaneous? When was the last time you did something adventurous and unexpected?


It’s been a whole year since my trip to the land of the rising sun. Where did the time go? So to celebrate my one year anniversary, I am writing a post to share my Japanese moments and buying some sushi later today 🙂 Even the jetlag could not stop me from exploring vibrant Tokyo on my first day there. It is a huge city and there are tons of fun things that you can do, all depends on what you like most. So where do I start? Ginza: The area offers luxury shopping, fine dining, and great bars. The stores of leading fashion houses are located in the district. I liked it most at night with all its lights. Shibuya: You have probably seen the Shibuya crossing in the movie Fast and Furious, well, do not miss it when in Tokyo – action in all directions! The area is covered with lights, advertisements, and…PEOPLE! The first time there I crossed this intersection multiple times just for the fun of it 🙂 The area is also very lively, filled with …


Have you ever seen London from the sky? A good friend of mine recently sent me a couple of pictures from this beautiful city that I just couldn’t resist not to share with you! They were all taken from a helicopter. Although it may all be part of a strategy to make me move to London, I am, indeed, all the more convinced it is an incredible city! Enjoy the fantastic photos! Source: