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My Cuban adventure is unfortunately over but I have memories to last a lifetime! The people, the views, the sea, the smells, the sounds; they’re all still with me. Going through my pictures I can relive every moment.





It was so beautiful I could not believe my eyes, so I literally jumped from happiness 🙂


If you know me well, you’re probably already tired of me talking about Cuba and showing you all the photos, but for those of you who don’t – I take you now to Cuba! 🙂 April is a good time to visit as the weather doesn’t get too hot. When booking, keep in mind that May is the rainy season. Other than that, you should have sun and perfect weather all the time 🙂



It was already my second time in Cuba, so I went to a different place – Cayo Guillermo, an island on the North side of Cuba. Most important for me when going on such holiday is to choose a place with a beautiful beach and I made no mistake. Cayo Guillermo and neighbouring Cayo Coco have the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I highly recommend! The highlight of my trip was going to the reef to snorkel. Seeing the corals and the colourful life down there was such an unforgettable experience.



On a different note, those pictures don’t show all there is to Cuba. As the country is going through changes, I really hope that better days will come for Cuba and its people and that better policies will be introduced to sustain the beautiful nature. The situation there makes me very sad and I could not stop thinking about this throughout my whole trip. Some food for thought…

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