Month: October 2016


I am one of those people who become nostalgic as summer comes to an end. I miss the beach, the sun and my tan that I have tried so hard to perfect. I don’t have the power to bring summer back but fortunately I have discovered the Dior self-tanner which quickly became my absolute favourite. It is subtle and very easy to apply, most importantly no orange look but a yummy bronze. It will not make you very dark but gives a natural glow to your skin. The lovely subtle colour mimics having spent a little time in the sun. It blended perfectly with my skin colour and I saw no streaks. The oil gives enough moisture to the skin and dries off quickly, so there is no need to apply lotion as well. It stays long and it has a pleasant scent. You can apply the oil to your face and body. I first bought the self-tanning gel, which I used for my face but I don’t notice much difference between the gel and the oil. I honestly think they …