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Although summer is my favourite season and I always feel a little sad when it is over, fall has so many nice things to offer too! Here is my list of things that get me excited about the changing seasons.

  • My birthday is on the 25th of September! And very often I am on holiday at that time 🙂
  • Nice cosy sweaters to keep me warm.
  • The colors! There is nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves change from green to yellow, to orange or deep red. And when they fall off the trees while the wind carries them away…
  • Listening to my favourite song with a hot chocolate in my hand while it is raining outside.
  • Making my morning coffee while still in my pyjamas and drinking it under my favourite blanket.
  • Buying clothes. You need something for the new season right?
  • Nice smelling candles and baths that last hours. Darker evenings mean there’s more time to cosy up!
  • Cancel all my appointments; turn up the heat while watching a good movie or reading a book just because it is dark, wet and cold outside.
  • Drinking red wine in good company.
  • Countdown to Christmas starts now!


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