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I recently turned 27 and for me it was a time to stop for a minute, take a look at myself, see where I am today, and ask some questions. I am just one of many twenty-something year olds trying to make sense of their lives. It’s when you hit the late twenties (or maybe earlier) that it all starts. Your social media feed fills with beautiful engagement rings, wedding photos and cute smiling babies.

This can bring a whole lot of emotions. Not all of us will be affected but it doesn’t mean that we can ignore those real anxieties women face as they approach their 30s and their biological clocks tick louder than ever. Even if you don’t want to have children, you can still hear the ticking.

We must have found a stable job, made enough money, found someone to have a baby with or figured out that we actually don’t want to have a baby, gone travelling, bought a house…Of course not for everyone the list would look like this, but perhaps many of the people we know think along these lines. Will we ever manage to get to the end of our lists? Will we ever find that balance between our careers and personal lives? Can we have it all? There is definitely a huge pressure on young people.

How do you handle the pressure when it seems that everyone around you is moving fast in life? Does it bother you enough so that you chase something similar for yourself or it motivates you to set yourself apart and go after your personal goals first?


Final words: We are right where we have to be. It is impossible to do everything. We must enjoy what we have right now.


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