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Life lately… The days are getting longer and sunnier and my happiness levels are rising : ) It’s springtime, by far my favourite time of the year in Holland. It’s time for leather jackets, beach and rose wine. What I’ll never get tired of are those lazy weekends at the beach in Den Haag. I’m blessed to be living so close to the beach. And I obviously get there by bike. You can hardly survive living here without cycling : ) I also finally bough the Rayban sunglasses I’ve been wanting and wore them all day at the beach. Getting ready for the Cuban sun in a week : )))   Advertisements


I moved out when I was 17. Until then I have always lived with my parents. As scary as it was, I was excited to think that it was a new beginning, a new challenge, all part of growing up. I was not only moving to a new city, I changed continents. It was an adventure. Even though I very much enjoy the company of other people and I’ve always been outgoing, spending time alone recharges me and makes a huge difference. I will share with you some of the things that happen when you live alone. You are the queen of the castle.This means you get to set the rules! Nobody complains how you do things, so you live as you like. Pure luxury! The remote control is all yours, all day, everyday.For me this means I get to watch all the TV shows I want and as many comedies as I like. Getting dressed becomes optional.Hello freedom! I love you. The longer you live alone, the more random things you have done without your pants …


While my personal philosophy is that you should aim to make everyday wonderful, with my increasingly busy schedule revolving around work and personal development,  it’s not too difficult to get caught up in the routine. It is harder than ever before to find time for the things I enjoy, be it a nice walk, girl talk, reading a new book, morning run, or drinking coffee. Imagine that you had one day without stressing over work, thinking about school, or other responsibilities. What would your perfect day look like? Would you stay in bed for as long as you can? Maybe you would read a book? Or would you prefer to sit in the sun, sip your favourite drink and watch the people walk by? Tell me all about it.