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As this year is coming to an end, some of us are starting to think of resolutions. We rush in with grand plans, neatly writing them all down, sticking notes as reminders – you name it. The days go by and most of us start to feel discouraged and it becomes harder and harder to keep up with our goals. One by one, sudden events in our lives slow us down and we become discouraged in the challenge to reach the desired outcome. We need to work longer hours or have to take care of more things than expected. Where does this end? We must realize that there are always going to be setbacks along the way. We succeed by overcoming those obstacles. People often blame someone else for their situation. This never leads to positive results. Of course, setting practical goals is crucial, goals that are realistic, and sticking to them when it gets tough. But this is only one part of it. We should try to understand our setbacks and think of what we can change to …



1    Everything is much cheaper. Between November-April you can usually find the cheapest flights and hotels to most places (not counting Christmas and New Years). 2   It’s less crowded. This year I visited Japan in February. In no time I could get into all the famous attractions in Tokyo (it can be mission impossible in peak seasons). 3   Stunning photos. This relates to the previous point.  Fallen leafs, nature in the spring, mountains covered in snow – all visions you can get to see in the off season. Less crowds = photos free from people in front of major sites. 4   Great atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and warm weather but winter has its charm too. Imagine snowflakes falling in front of the lit up and sparkling Eiffel tower, nice cozy cafes where you sip your favourite hot drink, fireplaces, cashmere sweaters…Not so bad, right? With the big crowds eliminated, you’ll be experiencing less frustration exploring the place. Also, public transport is congestion free. 5   Great time for shopping. In many European cities, sales start January …



I am completely obsessed with this rich in protein tropical fruit, and there ain’t just one reason. Not only do I love the taste of coconut, but I am all for when it comes to its health and beauty effects. Coconut-derived products are increasingly being used in foods and home kitchens. The coconut contains coconut water when it is still young. This water turns into coconut milk when the fruit is left in the palm tree to mature. Below I share with you some of the health benefits of coconut and reasons why you should love it as much as I do. Promotes weight loss and boosts your immune system: Coconut contains the good kind of fat. It consists of mostly medium chain fatty acids, which are assimilated  well by our body and turned into energy. Some other benefits of the saturated fatty acids: they help deal with viruses and diseases, react with bacteria, and have antimicrobial effects. Workout: Coconut water acts as a great hydrator for your workouts, although be mindful that it’s not your best …