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So it’s this time of the year again. Christmas is just around the corner! To tell you the truth I started listening to Christmas songs right about two weeks ago and I am so excited! Usually I’m not in a Christmas mood before December but I guess it was overall a good year and there is a lot to reflect on and be thankful for.



A recent conversation that I had got me thinking – it is so easy to get caught up in routine, work, and deadlines that our lives become boring and monotonous. Whenever I try to see someone just for coffee, it usually happens at least a week or two after we’ve talked. But can we escape habit for a little and be more spontaneous? I need adventure and sparkle in my life – be it taking a last minute trip somewhere warm or exploring a new part of the city. My curiosity and hunger for adventure never leaves me. I think we all need to take the time to try new things, things that excite us and make us feel alive. Are you spontaneous? When was the last time you did something adventurous and unexpected?


I know it is still December but I am already starting to think of where I want to spend my summer vacation. I miss the sunny beaches soooo much! I even started taking vitamin D. Seriously, I pretty much see the sunshine only on TV. So while thinking of all this, I thought I’ll show you the place where I’ve been spending some time during the last couple of summers. It is not the most popular destination but for me it was love from first sight. If you know me, you’d know that I love Greece. I like the food, the people, the islands, the beaches…just the way I feel when I’m there. It feels like home. I even started learning the language. A year cannot go by without going back a few times. Sooo…this is not the only post you’ll get about Greece. Today I take you to Parga. It is a small town, a village even, on the West coast of Greece. Parga may be small but it does have a castle (watch your step …


1    Everything is much cheaper. Between November-April you can usually find the cheapest flights and hotels to most places (not counting Christmas and New Years). 2   It’s less crowded. This year I visited Japan in February. In no time I could get into all the famous attractions in Tokyo (it can be mission impossible in peak seasons). 3   Stunning photos. This relates to the previous point.  Fallen leafs, nature in the spring, mountains covered in snow – all visions you can get to see in the off season. Less crowds = photos free from people in front of major sites. 4   Great atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and warm weather but winter has its charm too. Imagine snowflakes falling in front of the lit up and sparkling Eiffel tower, nice cozy cafes where you sip your favourite hot drink, fireplaces, cashmere sweaters…Not so bad, right? With the big crowds eliminated, you’ll be experiencing less frustration exploring the place. Also, public transport is congestion free. 5   Great time for shopping. In many European cities, sales start January …


I recenty went on a trip to Cologne (Köln) to recharge and boost my energy level for the coming winter months. Köln is one of Germany’s larger cities, although it is still quite easy to get around. You can explore the city by foot. The most popular attraction is the beautiful cathedral, also a World Heritge site. The old city with its narrow streets along the Rhine River is well worth a visit (there is a Chocolate Museum along the way:)). I stayed in Savoy Hotel, which is very close to the cathedral. I highly recommend it. Gorgeous design and  incredibly comfy rooms – absolutely spotless.  Try the cocktails in the bar, you won’t regret it. In summary: Great weekend destination, delicious food, good beer, and nice restaurants.


Most would agree that the best way to spend New Year’s Eve is in the company of your closest friends and family. With pleasant conversations and delicious meals you can  count down the minutes to the next year. I’ve always associated the holidays with Christmas trees, lights, and lots of snow.  But last year it was different. I decided to have a completely new experience and go down South. I left cold Toronto a few days before the year end to find out what the warm and sunny foreign lands have to offer. Oh, was it beautiful! The Christmas trees turned into palm trees, the snow into sand, and instead of eggnog I drank coconut milk. No complains whatsoever! I’ve been daydreaming of Cuba ever since.