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When in The Netherlands, don’t forget to try the famous stroopwafel. These tasty treats are made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel filling in between. You will usually find them on the streets or any bigger Dutch market. The sweet smell  will guide you to these delicious treats moments before you actually see them. During my first couple of months in The Netherlands I was eating stroopwafels like crazy (and somehow managed to stay in shape and not gain weight:)). Tips: Place the stroopwafel on top of your coffee mug when it is warm, so that it softens from the steam and becomes nicely melty. I always prefer to buy a warm stroopwafel from the street rather than the ones sold in supermarkets or tourist shops, as those can sometimes be too hard on your teeth. Advertisements


The harbour of Rotterdam has become one of the most important harbours in the world and it is the biggest one in Europe. Rotterdam is the second largest Dutch city with a mix of modern culture, innovative developments, and historical heritage. It was almost completely destroyed after being bombed by German air attacks during the Second World War and rebuilt to become the modern city it is today. The Dutch deserve a big applause!


I’m excited to tell you about my recent visit to the Escher Museum (or Escher in het Paleis) in the Hague. It is an incredible exhibition in what was formerly the Winter Palace of Queen Mother Emma of the Netherlands, which features prints by the famous Dutch artist Escher. Escher’s work is so unique and distinguishable. The way magic, perspective, and illusions are intertwined is fascinating. Go and see for yourself! What also impressed me is the palace itself. Absolutely gorgeous! Each room has a unique chandelier. The best is that the rooms can be hired for receptions, special occasions, and exclusive dinners. Pretty awesome, right?

SkyLounge Amsterdam

Just like every metropolis, Amsterdam has its SkyLounge rooftop bar with a beautiful terrace and breathtaking view of the city. It’s on the 11th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton, just a few steps from Amsterdam’s Central Station. I first visited the bar for after-work drinks with colleagues and in an instant I fell completely in love with it. Don’t forget to try the cocktails! ‘Meihana’ comes in a coconut shell (unfortunately not a real one) and tastes amazing. Although I very much enjoy the night view, the bar is a great place to go to any time of the day. It is perfect for coffee, lunch, or a quick bite.