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From Marseille with love



Summer is slowly coming to an end and want it or not, sooner than you think, you will be pulling out the sweaters out of your closet. If you love the beach as much as I do and don’t want summer to be over just yet, here is an idea for you – go to Algarve, Portugal. This is the South part of the country, full of amazing beaches. And chances are that even end of September will have perfect weather for the beach 🙂 I landed in Faro and stayed in Pine Cliffs Resort, which is a short drive away from Albufeira. Its breath-taking beach location offers you unique views over the ocean. I fell in love with the interior of the place. The resort also has a great bar with a lovely view over the ocean. Don’t miss the sunset there. Enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets behind the cliffs. Since I was only there for four days and with so many things to do and lovely places to see, the …


You have all heard the story about the legendary Odysseus, king of Ithaca. He is probably the best known hero in Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey. Legend goes that it took Odysseus twenty years to return to Ithaca – ten fighting the Trojan War and another ten for the journey back home. During all these years, his wife Penelope stayed faithful until they finally reunited. Odysseus reasserted his place as the rightful king of Ithaca after all the years of travails trying to return home. This is how Odysseus described Ithaca: I am Odysseus, son of Laertes, known to the world for every kind of craft – my fame has reached the skies. Sunny Ithaca is my home. Atop her stands our seamark, Mount Neriton’s leafy ridges shimmering in the wind. Around her a ring of islands circle side-by-side, Doulichion, Same, wooded Zacynthos too, but mine lies low and away, the farthest out to sea, rearing into the western dusk while the others face the east and breaking day. (Odyssey book IX, trans. Robert Fagles) This epic …


I start off my posts about Greece (one of my most favourite countries) with the port city Thessaloniki. There is no way for one not to fall in love with Greece’s second biggest city, which has been a crossroad of civilizations since ancient times. Its picturesque streets, historic sights, gastronomy, romantic sunsets, and even a small bit of chaos have me say ‘I never want to leave this place!’. The cafes around the pier are always filled with people (I had a really hard time to find an empty table) and the streets are full of life. Greece in crisis? It’s hard to believe after having observed the whole action and vibe around Thessaloniki’s lovely sights. And its people seem happy too. I find them very hospitable and encouraging when I try to speak Greek. The city’s name Thessaloniki (Thessalos and Niki) literally translates to “Thessalian victory”. It takes its name from the sister of Alexander the Great. The city’s layout changed after a devastating fire destroying its historic center in 1917 to become the …