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Our world is pretty amazing and there are so many places on the map that I still want to see. Today I share with you one of the most stunning places that I have ever visited. Niagara Falls can rightly be called the 8th wonder of the world. Niagara Falls were formed thousands of years ago as glaziers melted, forming Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It is a place that I always love to come back to. I can spend hours looking at that emerald green water as it tumbles over the edge with such great force. This place is captivating! Pictures don’t do it justice. I hope you enjoy the photos and see the Falls for yourself one day! Advertisements


If you’ve been in The Netherlands, you’ve heard about Keukenhof – the most gorgeous flower garden here. I was lucky to visit it on a sunny and warm day. Keukenhof is closed as of today but take a look at the pictures and plan a trip there next spring! You will love it! I was wishing I could live there. xx Adriana


With my future posts I will try to focus more on showing you some hidden gems in the Balkans, as I believe, they deserve a lot more attention than currently attracted. I hope that you will agree with me. Today I take you to the Devetashka cave, situated in a beautiful mountainous region in Bulgaria. You have probably seen The Expendables 2, but do you know that the movie was shot in this beautiful location? Not only the bats in the cave were disturbed by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, so were the environmentalists. There was even a court ruling, which found some of the filmed scenes to be in breach of environmental regulations (as a jurist, I had to mention this part especially:)). However, this impressive cave has been inhabited thousands of years before Hollywood discovered it. It impressed me with its walls and ceiling from which you can see the sky. The cave is incredibly beautiful when the sun shines through its openings with reflections in the water beneath. If …


I know it is still December but I am already starting to think of where I want to spend my summer vacation. I miss the sunny beaches soooo much! I even started taking vitamin D. Seriously, I pretty much see the sunshine only on TV. So while thinking of all this, I thought I’ll show you the place where I’ve been spending some time during the last couple of summers. It is not the most popular destination but for me it was love from first sight. If you know me, you’d know that I love Greece. I like the food, the people, the islands, the beaches…just the way I feel when I’m there. It feels like home. I even started learning the language. A year cannot go by without going back a few times. Sooo…this is not the only post you’ll get about Greece. Today I take you to Parga. It is a small town, a village even, on the West coast of Greece. Parga may be small but it does have a castle (watch your step …


Most would agree that the best way to spend New Year’s Eve is in the company of your closest friends and family. With pleasant conversations and delicious meals you can  count down the minutes to the next year. I’ve always associated the holidays with Christmas trees, lights, and lots of snow.  But last year it was different. I decided to have a completely new experience and go down South. I left cold Toronto a few days before the year end to find out what the warm and sunny foreign lands have to offer. Oh, was it beautiful! The Christmas trees turned into palm trees, the snow into sand, and instead of eggnog I drank coconut milk. No complains whatsoever! I’ve been daydreaming of Cuba ever since.